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   Dancer is an offensive support job, using strange dances to deal physical damage and inflict various harmful effects on all enemies in the room. Most of Dancer's support skills are based on willpower. At higher levels, various equipment can be found with the Sword Dance effect, providing them with large amounts of bonus damage.

   With a pole, dancers can do physical damage based on a combination of their wisdom and willpower, making this a good offensive job for characters with high willpower who can also make use of the support skills. With a dagger or whip, dancers deal damage based on a combination of strength and agility instead.

Command dance Requirements



Dancer Abilities (dance)
Ability Base AP Job Level Description
Command Abilities
Disillusion 100 Reduces the magic attack of all enemies.
Polka Polka 100 Lowers the attack power of all enemies.
Witch Hunt 100 Drains all enemies' MP.
Mincing Minuet 100 Damages enemies with a mysterious dance.
Nameless Dance 100 Attempts to inflict a random status effect on all enemies.
Slow Dance 100 6 Slows enemies down.
Jitterbug 400 8 Drains all enemies' HP.
Curse Dance 800 12 Curses all enemies, weakening them and lowering their physical defense.
Counter Abilities
A Save 550 Raises the player's attack power when hit.
Passive Abilities
Sword Dance 1500 16 Grants a chance for some dances to deal additional damage.